Your Northwoods Escape Awaits!

Two unique Challenges

Saving Grinchmas Room

For a limited time this holiday season

They say that the Grinch’s heart is 3 sizes too small.  You must find all 3 sizes of his heart and save the Grinch….and in doing so you will also save Christmas!!


E + G Taxidermy

You are up in the Northwoods  and you had a great day fishing and hunting and caught a trophy, worthy fish! You want to get it mounted to preserve such  a wonderful memory! You find E&G Taxidermy and decide to use them. When you walk into the store front you are greeted by an odd looking taxidermist. He convinces you to come into his “workshop” to show you some of his work. You follow out of curiosity and he slips out and locks you in! He says he will be back in 1 hour after he gets some supplies.

You must escape in 60 minutes or less or you may be HIS next TROPHY, cause not only does he stuff animals he also stuffs PEOPLE!

4- 8 players (No one under the age of 10 allowed)