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Can you and your team escape the best challenging rooms that the Northwoods has to offer?

Who Should Play?

Friends & Families

Enjoy a unique experience with your friends and families  Our rooms are family friendly and will make a memorable night for groups of all ages. Gather your friends and families and work together to breakout of our themed room. You have 60 minutes and you’ll need every last second to try and escape. Northwoods Escape Room LLC is perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries, family reunions, or just a night out . 

Tourists & Travelers

Northwoods Escape Room LLC is a must see experience for anyone visiting Eagle River, Minocqua, Land O’ Lakes and all of the great Northwoods.  Our unique games will make any person feel like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys for 60 minutes. There’s no easy way out; use your brain and breakout!

Game Aficionados

Hone the skills you’ve learned from years of gaming to crack codes and break out of a live action game. Northwoods Escape Room LLC will challenge even the most seasoned gamers with our complicated room filled with puzzles to solve and clues to decode. You won’t be happy with simply breaking out; you’ll want the record


Don’t subject your office to the same old, tired team building exercises. Northwoods Escape Room LLC is the perfect place for employees to work together to achieve one goal: success. Communication is key to finding solutions, and the experience will help build rapport among your team.

$25 per person

Open for Reservations


Cancelled bookings past 3 hrs before appointment are non-refundable but available for rescheduling.